TissueAid™ Liquid Bandage

Liquid Bandage is used as a protective layer on scrapes, cracked skin and minor cuts on the skin.

This antiseptic liquid bandage dries rapidly to create a strong, waterproof yet still flexible barrier. The layer of liquid bandage formed is breathable . Its antiseptic properties will prevent dirt and germs from penetration and colonizing the cuts or lesions and therefore, ensures fast track healing with excellent cosmetic results. It may also be used to protect the skin or blister by providing a flexible and tough protective layer.

How to use?

​Clean the wound
After Drying
Protection film is formed
Wait for a minute
Applying a thin layer


Effective protection

Less pain

Bacterial barrier


Reduce infection risk

Rapid reaction to form a transparent microbial and waterproof barrier.

Superior flexibility to form effective protection layer on the skin.

Antiseptic properties to prevent dirt and germs from penetration.

Protect blisters and prevent them from bursting.

Prevent bedsores or skin damage caused by urine.

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