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TissueAid™ high  viscosity tissue adhesive

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•Larger volume than competitors

•Greater capacity for longer wounds

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Innovative Soft Applicator

•User-friendly application

•shorter dry out time

•No dripping

•2 tips in one package

​2-Octyl cyanoacrylate

•FDA Approved

•Greater strength

•High viscosity

•More stable than n-Butyl Cyanoacrylate

•Room-temperature storage

Benefits of TissueAid™ Tissue Adhesive

Patented New 2-Octyl FormulationHigh flexibility and strength
High Viscosity Formulation. Increase safety, efficiency

Excellent bonding with tissue and skin, closes wound with comparable strength as suture.

No pain, no anesthesia is needed.

Rapid reaction forming microbial and waterproof barrier, significantly less infection rate than suture.

Shorter operation time than suture.

Shorter operation time than suture.

Less scar than suture, excellent cosmetic result.

Do not require return visit for removal.

Secure the wound and sloughs off as the wound heals in 5-10 days.

Biodegradable, biocompatible.

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TissueAid™ is provided in a sealed 0.8 gram aluminium tube with two single-use soft dispensers, and all are packaged in a Tyvex™ sterile pouch.

TissueAid™ Instruction for Use

Step 1:

Before application of TissueAid™, thoroughly clean the wound following standard surgical practice for wound preparation (i.e. irrigate, debride, assure hemostasis, and close deep layers making sure that the wound edges can be easily approximated).

Pat the wound dry with dry and sterile gauze to assure direct contact of the TissueAid™ to the skin.


Step 2:

Remove the TissueAid™from the blister package. While holding the aluminum tube between the thumb and forefinger of one hand and the nozzle with the other hand, rotate the nozzle clockwise and screw into the aluminum tube until the seal on the tube is punctured allowing the TissueAid™to flow into the nozzle.

Gently squeeze the tube to express enough TissueAid™to wet the soft tip.


Step 3:

Approximate wound edges with fingers or sterile forceps. Gently apply the liquid TissueAid™in one continuous layer to the surface of the approximated wound edges using a gentle brushing motion.

Try to finish the application in one minute before the soft tip dried up. Do not squeeze the tube when the tip is dry and stiff.


Step 4:

Maintain manual approximation of the wound edges for approximately 60 seconds until the adhesive is dry.

Full apposition strength is expected to be achieved within several minutes after the adhesive is applied. If adhesive is over-applied, a longer dry time is needed.
If the tip dried up and a continuous application is needed, unscrew the used tip and replace it with the attached second soft tip. Follow Steps 2 and 3 to apply the TissueAid™.

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